Ranching Newsletter: November 2016

Some Highlights from the Ranching Newsletter:

Ranch Rodeo

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The 21st World Championship Ranch Rodeo, presented by the Working Ranch Cowboys Association, is kicking off November 9 with an extravaganza party featuring Ned LeDoux (son of the late Chris LeDoux). The rodeo runs November 10-13 at the Civic Center and features events that mirror ranch duties and require skills with horses, cattle and ropes. Other attractions include the Cowboy Trade & Trappings Show and Ranch Expo, which are prime shopping venues. Cowboy poetry and music complete the real-ranch experience, with performances scheduled throughout the event.

Youth IQ

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Do you know a kid with encyclopedic horse knowledge? The Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show in Fort Worth, Texas, is giving out more than $40,000 in scholarships and awards to youth age 8-18 in the show’s annual Equine IQ Contest.

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