Buying foals

If you see a foal you like, remember a 1/3 deposit holds until weaning. If the foal you like already has sale pending, we do pre-sell foals with the 1/3 deposit and a price range for the next foaling year based on past foal prices. We have lots to chose from and we try to make the foal buying experience as easy as possible. Here is how we do it:  Come out and take the tour. It usually takes a couple of hours, but you get to see our horses in their natural environment and all of our stallions. We would like to know up front what you are looking for, we will still show you all of our foals, but knowing what you want and what you want to spend will help us help you. Looking at all of our horses can be overwhelming, which is why we may have to go back and look at different pens a couple of times. Once you pick the foal that is right for you, we have a very simple 2 page contract that details out the agreement, price, which foal, etc. The foal needs to be paid off when you pick it up, so you can either pay off the balance at the time of pick-up or make payments, whichever is easier for you. We like to wean the foals between September and November. As the buyer you get to pick what works for you to pick-up your foal in that range. You tell us when you want to come over and we will get the foal weaned 2 weeks prior. When you pick up your foal we want to make sure that foal is eating, healthy, and has been haltered for a week so you have an easier time getting that foal home. We don’t like the weaning pen to be full. We want to spend time with each foal through the weaning process and keep it as stress free as possible, so we will only wean up to 4 foals per weaning session.  Buying a foal is very rewarding. Yes, it is hard work, but every milestone that foal passes is something you get to be part of. The bond you build with a foal is something that can’t be replicated. If you are in the market, or want to see what it is all about, come out and take a look at what we have to offer.

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