We hope the kids get to go to more shows like this one.

Monday Ben and I were both off for the 4th from work. Toni and I went and got horses in first thing and fixed some fence. Then Toni went and worked at her house. Ruby came down and her and Anna washed Anna’s animals. Kaine found his shirts that needed dry cleaned and we ran them over to McCall, she was gong to take the kids shirts in for Jr Nationals. Ruby went with us and we ran into Connell to get lunch, and the only think open was Subway. So Anna, Ruby and Kaine got Subway (we got some for him to go) and then we ran out to grandmas. Kaine and Kade were supposed to be home washing their steers and heifers, however, instead they were putting underglow lights on Kaine’s old blazer, it looks really cool now (according to the males in the family). Ruby invited them to come up and swim at her pool, so the three big kids went up to Ruby’s house for a few hours, the we went down and did chores. Toni had a guy come out Monday night, and want to breed his mare to King. She took him over to look at Gang, and he really liked him, so he is going to buy Gang and just breed his mare to him. Gang really liked this guy and it has been hard to find the right person for Gang. He said he could come back Tuesday or Wednesday to get them and left his trailer.

Tuesday was a busy day, T013 left at 8 that morning, he is one of the polled Hereford bulls we had for sale. Of course, he got out the night before and took a walk about down to the corn field. So Anna and Kaine went looking for him early. It turns out that Toni and Ryan were at WSU at the same time, he is a veterinarian in Oregon, and they have a lot of the same friends, but they had not met. Then Toni had a call, then our friend Shannon came out to get her mini donkey that Tulip has been babysitting. So they loaded him in a dog crate and sent him home. Toni reported that her AC and internet were still out, she is still using her hotspot, until as Jaxsen said, he hacked into it and stole it from her. Mom made chocolate chip cookies for the kids to take to Nebraska to the Jr Angus show, and she made fresh apricot pies to put in the freezer. Kameron and Christine Jenks brought her the apricots; they were really good. She also boiled some down to take to grandma on Wednesday.

Wednesday the kids were packing up tack and getting their heifers ready to go to Nebraska. Anna spot died hers again, to cover up any dead hair. Toni reported she still had not internet or AC. She had a lunch meeting in Othello, where there is AC, so she was happy to leave. The kids packed what they needed into the gooseneck and got ready to leave. We had an online exhibitor meeting for Jr Nationals. They really ruined our fun, they said we could not take an ATV or golf cart to ride in, I KNOW Jay was going to let us take that, since we can not take the chute, no wheelbarrow, blah, blah, blah. Toni wanted something in here, but I don’t remember what it was, but she thought it was funny.

Thursday dad went up and got the apples from Kameron and Christine Jenks that they donated for the kids to take to Jr Nationals, in the WA Booth. Toni and Dad took the kids over to Connell at 2 so they could get everything moved over to the Eby and get ready to leave early Friday morning. Leslie got us some folding rocking chairs for our tack area. Toni, Jaxsen and I did the horse chores. When I got home Kicker and Ben were done with their normal chores and were on the kids’ chores, so I assisted them in finishing cleaning out the barn and putting hay out for the steers and heifers. Kicker went home and Ben finished up Anna’s cat chores, she has 11 orphan cats she taking care of.

Friday the kids, the twins, Leslie and Jay hit the road early to Nebraska. Toni already misses them. So does Jaxsen. He started making comments right away regarding doing “their” chores. Luckily Marlo showed up Friday to help with chores. I gave Toni lots of last minute instructions that she did not feel she needed to have before I left Sat morning. Like don’t ignore the calves with bad eyes and pretend they are ok. Make sure to check everything.

Traci, Vanna, Kayla, and I flew out of Pasco bright and early Saturday morning. The flight was delayed coming out of Seattle. Then in Omaha there were thunderstorms so we circled for an hour before we landed. Then we got in our rental car and made the 2 hour trip to Grand Island. The kids had made it by then. Got unloaded, set up, and enjoying Nebraska. Back home Toni said that the Gunner pen was out, so she got them back, checked calves, worked, check the horses, dealt with a dog that already missed Kade named Coco that decided to ride in the front of the pc. Still no ac at their house. Just her and Jax for chores and it didn’t go well. After chores were over, which took more than 2 hours, Jaxsen said he would like to drive to Nebraska and kick the kids’ butts for having to do their chores.

Sunday Kicker and Ben got up at 5 am to get the cattle in and doctor eyes. After that, Kicker, Toni, and Jax went to Shannon’s bday party in Kennewick. They came home early to load Gang out to go to his new home in Yakima. Gang loaded well and is gone. He was the last 2 year old we have for sale. Now just the 2 yearling fillies and the babies. Grand Island is humid and the barn doesn’t have much cell phone service. The kids are meeting new people and really enjoying themselves.

You never realize how many chores there are until four of the seven works are gone. Then it isn’t all fun and games when the work source has left. But we are really excited that the kids have this opportunity to be part of a National experience. When we were showing we got to go to the Hereford Jr. National Show, as well as some of the big cattle shows like Houston, Red Bluff, Famosa. There is nothing like being around like minded people at the big shows to help strengthen a persons commitment to the ag industry. Making friendships that last through the years and realizing that working and being part of a national organization is achievable with hard work and dedication. We hope the kids get to go to more shows like this one.

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