There may be frost on the windshields but spring is here.

There may be frost on the windshields but spring is here. Our Great-Great Grandpa, Sim Wiedrich, wrote an autobiography back in the 1960s. He came to the Palouse on a wagon in approximately 1895. Sim said that you know spring is here when the killdeer are out. We have killdeer and Sandhill Cranes, so it must be spring. We also got a new foal yesterday, finally!

I would like to say we had a busy week, but I don’t know that it was any busier than normal. Last week was Toni and Anna’s last week halter breaking Whim and Little Blackie. They led them out and about, through water, over tree branches and past rambunctious children (his name is Jaxsen). They both passed. Whim went back out with the colts and Little Blackie got to stay in with Eclipse. We weaned the last three foals and Eclipse just stayed in with Little Blackie. We will start halter breaking Eclipse this week. The three big colts, Whim, Major, and Smokey got moved to the big colt pen as they have realized they are boys. Well, Smokey hasn’t but still.

Toni also decided to start working on the Hendricks road fence. We had to call and get a utility find, so that held up the project for a bit. Toni and I got an H brace up and Toni got a few more posts in. It is a cleachy area, so things are not going very quickly. This will probably be a slow fencing project with lots of 2 foot holes. We did borrow a T post pounder from a friend, so that might help with the T posts. The bottom line is that if anyone out there wants to come dig some holes, let us know.

Friday Toni and Ben sorted the cows to sort out our first AI group. Toni enjoyed riding her horse, Shimmer. Ben was going to ride, but sometimes where there are small calves in the corral it is easier to have someone on foot. So he got to walk. In the mud. Knee deep fun mud. They got all of the CIDRS in and we are pulling them this coming Friday to AI On Sunday. Toni, Ben and Dr. Jacobs from Sageview vet also semen checked the last group of bulls.

Saturday morning Dr. Jennifer King came out to look at a few yearlings, do a few brand slips, and visit on her way up to her dads. We also let Dr King decide what mare we are sending up to AI to Playdox this year. We are sending up Bell and Pistol. Saturday afternoon the kids and I (I was just assisting and supervising) washed the steers on the new wash rack. Ben helped us get them over there, since it was their first time, and he helped scrub a few of the mud balls off. The kids were excited to get to use the wash rack. Kicker harrowed the alfalfa field so it is ready for spring.

Sunday we washed the steers in the morning, they are starting to actually look like show steers. Coco took the kids in the afternoon to cousin Vanna’s birthday party, happy 1st birthday Vanna. The kids had a great time, and they all claim Vanna, in addition to Toni. She is the happiest baby, she always has a smile on her face.

Toni and I got the dry mares in to turn out with studs, the studs ALSO feel like it is spring. We put Ceecee and Tink in with Gunner, Ro in with Leroy, and Shadie and Remington in with Bishop. We also hauled a heavy heifer to the house that Ben and Kicker had gotten in. We are getting really close to being done calving the heifers. Three of the heifers calved this week.

Monday we finally got another foal, a nice big strapping colt by Dude and out of Twiggy. He is a fancy palomino colt with a blaze and socks. Monday was Vanna’s actual birthday, so he will be called Van after Savanna.

We are also getting really for Kicker turning the BIG 4-0 on Thursday. SO if you see Kicker on Thursday tell him Happy Birthday.

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