Which stud is the funniest?

Note that the caption is NOT which stud is the best, because we think they are all the best, that is why they are here! Each of these studs has a dynamic personality that has made a permanent place on our ranch for each of them. With breeding season almost at its end, I thought it would be fun to share some of their quirks.  Going oldest to youngest, if I can remember their right age.


  1. Double- Is a total stalker. If you are in his pen, he needs his neck hugged so hard you think your back is going to pop.
  2. Leroy- If you don’t pet him before you go take a dip out in the lake, Leroy will swim out to you to get petted. He wants to be invited to every party.
  3. Colonel- Loves shoes and human feet.
  4. Dude- Is a babysitter of any foal and loves to eat raspberries off of the raspberry bush.
  5. Gunner- hasn’t met a trailer that he won’t load into, if you want him to or not.
  6. Jackpot- Still young enough that he thinks he is still a foal and wants to be treated like one and play with the foals out in his field.
  7. Sagebug- Believes that vehicles are his scratching post and has broke the driver’s side mirror off of Toni’s pu. He also has been known to put his head in pu windows and eat items off of the seat.

We have some real characters out here.


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