Oh where or where has the week gone??

Normally I write this as the week goes, so I don’t forget what we have done. But, for some reason I forgot to do that this week, maybe because I am still tired from the Benton Franklin fair? Getting over that fair seems to take longer every year. This has been a hectic, crazy week, but at least we had a long weekend. The kids started school and football practice Monday, so Toni, Anna and Jaxsen have been working on the steers after school. Much to Jaxsen’s chagrin this is good practice for him for next year, although it is a fight every day from what I hear. Kade is paying him $1.50 per day to work on Silver, and that is not even incentive to put Jax in a good mood. However, I do not feel he should pay him anything. For the first time, Kaine and Kade are on the same football team, so we are all excited about that. However, their good friend Max is not on their team. But, car pooling and fair friend Kutter is on their team. The steers have been great after their week off for the Benton Franklin Fair. On Monday a new friend, Matt Perry, came out to look at foals and decided that BBB was the right fit for him. We are excited to have this filly going to someone that will appreciate her. We love BBB, but we kept her full sister from last year, so we really have no excuse to keep her too. But we REALLY wanted too.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, more school, steers and football practice. The week just flew by as we tried to get into the swing of things. Anna didn’t start school until Tuesday, and that extra day of rest really did her good. She is now in 8th grade. Also on Tuesday, Kade FINALLY got his belt buckle he won at the Desert Classic. He is VERY excited. It is a nice buckle.

Friday Ben, Kaine, Anna and I went to Boise to meet Ben’s sister, Candice and her family for the weekend. We left Toni, Kicker, Kade, Jaxen, mom and dad to man the fort. We ate dinner Friday night at Joes Crab Shack. Saturday we went to the Farmer’s market in Boise, it was really nice, too bad we ate before we went, there was lots of good food to try. Next, we went to JUMP, it is a Simplot museum, there is a big slide, and play area. The kids had fun. There is also a lot of old tractors from JR Simplot’s collection. Then we rode bikes down the Greenway and ate lunch, we rented bikes from the RV place we were staying. We had dinner Saturday night at Bonefish. Sunday morning we woke up and went to the Zoo, then we went to the Idaho State Penitentiary and the mining museum. We had lunch at the Ram restaurant. Sunday night we ate leftovers and pie that we had gotten at the farmers market. Then Monday we headed home.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dad’s good friend Ed Hays came out Friday to look at the foals with Cristy and Roy, who are buying Baretta. What a super fun day for all. Lots of stories, reminiscing, talk of horses and life. Ed seemed to like our breeding program. Mom and Dad then went to lunch with the group while Toni went back to work.

Saturday, Toni and the boys caught the steers, then went and got Bishop in and moved to the corral so that he could leave on Sunday morning. After getting chores done, they went to a Dust Devils baseball game in Pasco and sat with some good friends.


Sunday morning, Bishop left early, the steers got caught, then it was family party time. The cousins came over for a day at the lake. At 2 pm, Tina from Portland came and looked at the colts we have available and fell in love with one, she headed home to talk to her husband. Sunday was a really fun, relaxing day, thank goodness for a long weekend to recharge the batteries.


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