The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Monday started out running brownies into Sonny’s classroom. He didn’t want cupcakes, he is a chocoholic, so he wanted brownies for his classroom birthday celebration. We are halter breaking a new group Monday, like every Monday this time of year. This group was really good. We had Double the Fancy, Katana, Mocha, Jitter Bug and Lassie in. Toni had Katana and Double the Fancy, I had Mocha and Jitter and Lassie we shared, due to having to doctor her leg. Monday and Tuesday Toni and I did them together. Wednesday the kids had a half day and teacher conferences, I made Anna and Kaine’s at chore time, so Toni was on her own. The good news is by Wednesday the foals were good enough for Kade and Coco to help. We also had beef go in on Wednesday, so if anyone is looking for grain fed beef, we do have some available. Wednesday the Jr High also had a fall social at school and they got to wear their costumes. Anna and her friends, Bella, Daisy and Lily, were skittles and won the best group.

Thursday Ben, Anna, Kaine and I headed to SE Idaho to visit Ben’s family. We had a great time, we love seeing everyone. The kids had a blast. We got to see Cristy and Kaydence’s piano recital. We went to the Halloween party with them at church and got to go trunk or treating. We saw most of Ben’s siblings, nieces and nephews. And I saw Mil at Ben’s cousin Jake’s house from afar. Jake was moving cows off of the mountain most of the weekend so I did not get to see him ride her. The only regret I have is that we did not stay at least one day longer. It did not seem like we got to see everyone.

So Toni, Kicker, and the boys were alone all weekend, but they got A LOT done. She shipped out Lassie and Double the Fancy on Friday to our friend John. Saturday bright and early they started weaning. Freckles and June were up in a field with no corral, so it was a patience game to let the foals get in on their own. Luckily they are smart little girls and did. Because they were in the back compartment, it made weaning them very easy. Next was weaning off of the desert. Not quite as fun. First off the horses where in a draw and could not be found. Luckily Sonny has good eyes and spotted a horse head and they were found. Gunner’s pen had to be brought in across the entire desert and required Kade and Kicker to go on foot to get them over some water. Gunner is a phenomenal stallion and knows the drill, so he took his mares right to the corral. No hauling necessary! Toni then walked up, caught him, dewormed him, and kicked him out with the bulls. Breeding season is over. Toni and Kicker then went and fixed some fence before sorting and hauling . All of the mares went back to Mom and Dad’s, with Eagle and Dodge getting weaned. Open mares then got dewormed, with five mares hauled back out to the desert. There is still so much feed, so good winter pasture.

Katana and Mocha headed to their new home on Sunday. Then Toni hauled the sale bulls over to Connell so they could make their way to Texas. Awesome timing because it was Grandma’s 88th birthday. So Toni and Sonny got to see Grandma, eat a cupcake, see cousins and family, before heading back for more work. Toni and Coco then went and pulled the stitches out of Big Iron and Cattle Kate. Again, we really couldn’t ask for better foals. Cattle Kate wasn’t even halter broke when the fencing debacle occurred, but she has been a champ. Both are healing, but it is a slow process. Because Jenny King was coming on Tuesday, Dodge and Eagle had to have halters put on Sunday to start halter breaking before Tuesday. They were great to halter and have been really soft and sweet, but they are both really big.

We got back late Sunday, with the kids still off of school on Monday. We had Steer of Merit Monday night with all three kids having steers that met the criteria. Also, Toni, Toni Meacham Attorney at Law, and Horseshoe Angus Ranch donated laptops to the steer of merit program for kids that write an essay. Amelia MacHugh won one of them and Ms. Miles. It was a long, sometimes challenging, week, but the work got done. This week has no shortage of work either, but we will continue to do what we love.


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