As a kid the fair is the best week of summer. Then, you enter adulthood, and you have 4 moods at the fair

As a kid the fair is the best week of summer. Then, you enter adulthood, and you have 4 moods at the fair: I am too old for this shit, I am too tired for this shit, I am too sober for this shit, and I don’t have time for this shit. So if you ask, No, I did not go to any concerts, I was too tired for that shit. I tried going to the rodeo, but, there is a $15 cover charge for the beer garden, and I was too sober for that shit. So I went to bed, since I did not have time for any of that shit.

Monday was move in day. So we got up early to get our steers, heifers and bulls in before too many people get there and it becomes a cluster. We got all set up and washed bulls and weighed in steers. Just as a frame of reference, the three older kids each had a steer and we had 2 Angus heifers. Our cousin Leslie took 13 fall bulls and 2 Hereford heifers. Leslie’s 4-H group had an additional 13 head of steers. We take up a whole side of the barn. There are people that think we are crazy.

Tuesday was market, the kids all did really well. Kade and Anna got third in their classes and Kaine was Reserve Champion. The kids all showed very well. Jay came down and supported “Jay Team.” Tuesday is always a rodeo for a couple of reasons. 1- some kids don’t work on their steers. 2- most steers have never heard screaming pigs (which are adjacent). 3- most steers have never seen a balloon. A couple of the steer classes were borderline on scary, but everyone made it out ok. The three steers we took were pros, as they have been shown all summer. Jaxsen is obsessed with the rodeo, so Toni and Jax went over to watch the rodeo for a little bit Tuesday night.

Wednesday was a VERY busy day, which started at 3:30 am when we got up to start getting the cattle ready. We had fitting and showing in the morning, Kade’s steer decided he had had enough fair life and was a jerk. The judge even mentioned that Kade was a great showman, his steer was not working as part of their team. Anna and Kaine did great, they both won Fitting and Showing and got to go on to the Round Robin. Kaine was ecstatic, his summer goal was to win a belt buckle and he finally did. Then, Wednesday afternoon we had the open cattle show and the kids showed their heifers and bulls. Lily, our heifer for the Evergreen sale was shown by Kade. She did great at the fair, she acted like a show pro. Anna had Overall Grand Champion heifer with her Angus heifer Mal, that she bred and raised. Kaine’s bull, Gef, won his class, he is my favorite of the bull calves and is a Land Baron son. My second favorite bull, Ronan, was shown by Grace and was the Overall Grand Champion bull. Wednesday was better on the smoke haze as well, so I think everyone felt a bit better.

Thursday the kids got to sleep in until 5:30, then we got up and fed, washed, etc. The kids also went around and helped Kaine and Anna prepare for the round robin and learn about all of the animals. Thursday night we had the round robin, Kaine had a little trouble at first, he had a squirrely lamb that got away from him, and was tackled by the Diary superintendent. But, he kept his cool and still did a great job. Anna also did great, and Anna won the Intermediate division of the round robin. Then, after an exhausting day, we did TRY to go to the rodeo, but it was already pretty packed, we found a few rows in the corner were we could all fit in and watched for a half an hour or so until the kids got too tired.

Friday we had the sale, all of the kids got great prices for their steers. We would like to thank First Step Community Counseling, Koncrete Industries ,and Ami MacHugh from Jackass Mount Ranch for buying the kids’ Benton Franklin steers. We didn’t get to sell until afternoon, so instead of going back to the camper to eat, we let the kids eat fair food while we waited. Deep fat fried fair food is only good for one day. The kids were so happy that we let them have it. Whitney and Shelby tried to go to the beer garden Friday night and it was $15 to get into it, and it was sold out.

Saturday we made ourselves a fair bingo game and played fair bingo, we also walked around the fair for a bit after we finished washing. The kids also had to livestock judge Saturday morning. The winner of our group wins a milkshake. Grace technically won with a score of 220, but Anna won of our three kids with 210, so Toni is buying them both milkshakes. Then at the meeting at the end of the fair, we found out we won Herdsmanship, great job Footloose 4H. We also tried to go to the rodeo Saturday but could not find a seat and the beer garden was rented out by a private group. Toni and Kicker got to go over the chutes with some friends. We get to haul cattle home Saturday after midnight, so Toni and Kicker hauled the bulls home that night.

Sunday morning we packed up and left. Got home and cleaned out the camper to prepare for our next show. So if you missed buying a steer at Benton Franklin, you have another opportunity coming at the end of next week with the Columbia Basin Jr. Livestock Show, aka Connell.

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