Notice: Due to the current work load the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off.

Monday Toni and I took the kids for the last little bit of school shopping that we need to do. We just had paper, pencils, etc left to get. So we were done after one stop at Big Lots. Then we took the kids to Chinese, and I came back to work and Toni took the kids home and she went back to work. Mom and dad were on their way back from Idaho with Jaynee the puppy and they made it home at about 4:30.


Tuesday the kids went over to Connell bright and early to help Leslie set up for the Texas tour. A group of extension agents from Texas were up touring different ranches and farms in WA. The kids had a great time, but it was a long day.

Wednesday was supposed to be their swim day, but Toni got caught up at court. So Kaine helped dad go and get meat at McCarys and Anna and Kade went to Connell to work on bulls with Leslie that are going to the fair.
Thursday the kids went to Connell first thing in the morning, I took them on my way to work. Toni has people coming out to look at horses in the AM. Then, Toni went and got them and took them to Tom and Peg’s to go swimming and have lunch in town. Toni took Jaynee the pup because she likes to take her everywhere. Next, we had a 4H meeting, Toni has clients coming so I was taking the kids to the meeting. John showed up and wanted to look at Bish’s pen, so Toni was late getting the kids to me (Shocking :O}) so we barely made it to the 4H meeting without being late.
Friday, Toni and the kids went to Connell with the gooseneck to pack up for the fair (again with the puppy). Then Ben and Leslie came down and got in line with the campers. I picked them up after work and brought them home. Then we packed more stuff in the trailer for Saturday. Saturday we got down to the fairgrounds at 10 and started setting up. We had a bit of a fiasco with shavings, but went to Blyle’s and bought out their inventory to get the cattle bed put in. We stopped off at Burger Ranch for milkshakes to refuel ourselves, then went and started clipping the show cattle. Sunday we went back to Tom and Pegs for the August birthday party, then went grocery shopping , and put everything in the camper. Sunday afternoon Toni showed horses to some really great people that bought a colt last year that are looking again this year. They went on the full tour and saw all of the foals. The wind picked up as they were out, so the horses were very active.
The air quality has been pretty crappy. Saturday was the only day that it didn’t look like we were fogged in with smoke haze. The only positive is that it keeps the sun from beating down, so it isn’t quite as hot. The smokey haze does make it hard to breath and see. They say the air quality is so bad we shouldn’t be out in it, but we are definitely out in it at the fair.
So, if anyone needs some beef for their freezer, we have three kids with steers at Benton/Franklin Fair, Anna and Kaine Geddes and Kade Meacham. All three kids have worked hard on these animals all year long. Feel free to stop and question them extensively while we are at the fair. We also have a bunch of open cattle that we are helping with, and some that we own, just to keep the week interesting.

I am sorry for the lack of pictures, I am trying to upload this from the fair an my internet is not working that great.

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