Back to Normal

Back to a semi normal week, I think we all are just catching up on work from being gone last week. We decided since we were going to be home all week we should get those last two fillies halter broke. So McCoy and Yo got to come in, get worked, get halters, and get to be treated like horses and not pasture pets. Dad also went back to Yakima with Pistol and Felix. Pistol is ultrasounded in foal, but we need to do a recheck in a few days. Hottie was too early to tell so she stayed in Yakima in case she needed to be rebred. Toni took the recip cow over to Connell for Galen to put an embryo in. Funny story, Leslie grabbed the wrong cane so an Angus embryo actually went into our cow, not our embryo. After all of the time and effort it takes to get the recip cow ready to receive the embryo, you just have to laugh when those kinds of things happen.

On Tuesday Shaun came out to do chores. She was back from Utah for a wedding, so she came out to see us. She wanted to see all of the foals, so we took her out to look at some of them. We went out and checked Gunners pen and took a few pictures. Tuesday we also had Lamar come out and trim the show heifers’ feet. The bad thing about having show animals in all year is they cannot chip their feet off naturally. So we have Lamar stop out when he is in the area.

Wednesday was a monsoon. Ok, not really, but we haven’t had that kind of rain in a long time. It was pouring down. Still had to get the work done, but we did the bare minimum. We know we won’t melt, but that kind of rain is not fun.

Thursday Anna had her Jr High orientation, so I left work early. I thought I had a ride for her in, but due to the unreliability of texts, we had a lack of communication, so I had run back from the school to get her. Dad met me at the substation with her, so we barely made it in time. Mil was scheduled to leave Friday for the trainer, so she came in for the night. The two fillies were being little rockstars, so Anna went out and helped Toni with McCoy. Friday Toni, Kicker and the kids went and spend the time at Clarkston, Coco and the kids did chores. So I had a relativity relaxing evening. Dad took Mil up to Josh, had a nice trip, and was back pretty early.

Saturday morning the kids and I dyed the black heifers black. Toni sold McCoy and met Stephan with three outside mares we had come in. Then Toni and I went to a funeral, and the twins came out and clipped the heifers, with the assistance of Kaine, Kade and Anna. Ben was fixing circles most of the day, so he was around. Kicker was mowing some weeds and doing other stuff. When we got home from the funeral we needed to move two of the outside mares down to Leroy’s pen, and one in with Bishop. We also put Rudy with the Bishop. We have our fingers crossed for a blue roan out of these two! We also checked on Colonel’s pen. They are fat and sassy with lots of grass, the way we like it.

Sunday Toni shipped out McCoy, while Ben, the kids and I ran to Winco to get bacon and shrimp so Ben could make us mothers bacon wrapped shrimp. Kicker threw some beef on the smoker for the non-shrimp eaters. After dinner I fixed the fence out in the middle of Circle 4 so we could put Bishop out there. Toni was deworming and West Niling Bishops pen to get them ready to go. Bishop got moved out to green grass. Maggie got put in with Reed. Felix got moved to a bigger pen. We got everything done that we needed to get done, but it was some long days. A couple of the nights we didn’t even get in to get dinner started until almost 9. Luckily on nights like that, Mom and Dad keep the kids fed up so we just have to worry about the adults eating. Or not eating.

I also turned 3 of the show steers and three older bottle calves onto the wash rack to eat the grass down. They liked having some green grass.


During this busy week we also got our last AI foal for 2018. Stinger had a KR Gunpowder palomino colt. That means she gets to go back to the vet this week for her rebreed to KR Gunpowder. We also got a nice big bay roan colt for mother’s day.

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