Understanding horse colors

Understanding horse colors can be difficult. Making sure you know the difference between a base color (red or black) and what dilute has influenced that base color can help to understand what color the horse actually is and what possible colors offspring can be. AQHA has a color expert, Lisa Covey. AQHA also has a contract with UC Davis to provide testing options. When color testing you can go directly with UC Davis, but we go through AQHA to make sure AQHA has receipt of the color test results. Currently AQHA has limited options on what color they will register a horse. For example our KT Gun in a Million filly is registered as a blue roan. The rational is that she carries a black gene, creme gene, and roan gene. The notations in her file note that she is brindle. At the current time AQHA is expanding their color options with a new computer system that they hope to have up and running by 2017. Because AQHA is aware that the options currently available in their system do not meet all of the color needs, AQHA makes notes in the file on the horse’s true color. UC Davis has also identified a primitive marking gene. Horses that look like they have a dorsal stripe but don’t test as a dun may test as carrying the primitive marking gene. To learn more about color testing, Lisa Covey has a FB blog where she answers questions, or check out UC Davis’ website- Horse Coat Color

Below are pictures of KT Gun in a Million, her sire, KT Gunpowder N Lead, and her dam, Wright On Sugarinic

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