Mid-October craziness

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In chronological order, here is what we did over the weekend. We got all of our calves in and worked them on Sat, which took most of the day. About 4 we got to meet a new friend, Jill, a photography student that came over from Walla Walla to take pictures of the horses. We also haltered the two foals we have in on Saturday and finished out the day with a 5th birthday party for Jax. We started Sunday by loading out our first load of calves. If anyone wants feeder calves, we have some left. These are really nice calves that are ready to go. We then got all of our cows in and sorted all of our cows, sorting out the heifers and turning the cows out on cornstalks. We then went and got our horses in sorted some of the mares that the foals have been weaned, wormed those mares and turned them out on winter pasture. We got to play with the yearling colt, Freckles, owned by Tai Casey out of Colonel and Blue that is at our house, and we finished out the weekend by leading the two pali girls for the first time. Both did fantastic and we are excited to see their progress this week. Kellie’s mastiff Jewels also went to her second dog show, you can see her at KT Mastiffs. We still have 2 foals left for sale, both are fantastic and will make great all-around horses for anyone looking to buy a foal this year.

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