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Back in June Anna and Keshia around from Fantasy Stable Game came out and took pictures of some of our horses to use in their games. Here is the newest update from Keshia:
I’m waiting to send the Jr game until we have a final list of where people can buy it.

We recently became available on Amazon, and we’re doing two giveaways through Amazon to celebrate that. The link for the giveaway on Amazon is: for the Junior game and for the regular game.
We’ve chosen the KT ranch horses we’ll be using for the expansion packs, the only thing we’re super bummed about is none of them have KT Ranch names! Our themes for these first two packs are “Food” and “Mythology” so they all have names related to those items. The KT ranch names are so cute that we came up with an idea for the future where we can feature real horses with their real names and personalities. Our next plan for an expansion pack is going to be a stallion pack with as many different breeds of horses as we can find and we would absolutely love to feature the KT Ranch stallions to represent the Quarter horse breed.

KT Ranch

Toni is busy today show Anna and Keshia around from Fantasy Stable Games, they make horse themed board games and go out and take their own shots of the horses that will be featured in the Games. Go to to order your copy. ThumbnailThumbnail1

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