Tuesday was the first day of fall

Monday was a beautiful day. It was the only day that Toni had court. The kids had virtual school, and it was a typical Monday, Anna and Kaine were running behind and did not make it to Toni’s by 8, so they did school at our house. But, by the time they sent Toni a message she was about to head out looking for them, she was literally walking out the door. We did more clean up Monday night after chores, picking up the panels from our fence building, putting out the gates we need Ben to weld up, put a new more pieces of metal in the scrap bin, etc. We may be done with our building of fence (for a while at least), but we still have odds and ends to get done.  Also, on Monday, some exciting news, the article came out of Toni being the Inland Northwest Woman of the year. Here is a link to the article https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2020/sep/20/women-of-the-year-attorney-toni-meacham-blends-lov/ As most of our already know her, Thomas Clouse misquoted her a lot on the ranch, and she also talked about a lot more cases than were bought up in the article, she has taken cases to the supreme court, fought DOE, the Corp, Dept of Fish and Wildlife, and more. But it is his article, and we are proud of Toni none the less.

                Tuesday was the first day of fall, I know lots of people love fall, and there are lots of things to love about fall, but I don’t love fall, I love spring and summer. But, fall is better than winter. Fall marks the start of feeding, less daylight hours and weaning. Toni went to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s meeting Tuesday night, where they voted to get some much-needed hay for the victims of the countless fires around the area. The kids were done with chores by the time I got there, I had brought Red Lobster home for mom and dad since it was their anniversary. Mom made us peach pie, so we all had that, and then the three older kids headed home to feed their steers and heifers and I waited for Jaxsen to get done. The metal bin went back on Tuesday, and a new one was brought out to my house.

Wednesday it really felt like fall. Wednesday was Kade’s birthday, so Toni let him invite some friends out, Kutter, Max and Kaine went up. They hung out, Kutter rode a horse, mom made them red velvet cake, and they had a general good time. They had chores done when I got home, Toni and Kaine were taking Max home and then they took Kutter. Toni made Kade steak fingers for dinner, and none of the rest of us were invited. Kicker went and picked up our pork at Knutsens on Wednesday as well.

Thursday was back to normal, virtual school, harvest, etc. We have found out that the kids are supposed to go back on Oct 1st, they are all excited to see their friends, but they are going to be quarantined from mom and dad. They are used to seeing them everyday, so this will be hard on them.

Friday I went in and got my hair done, Kaine went with me to get his cut. He took his laptop and did his classes while he was getting it cut. Isidro called Toni and said there was a sick cow in the bottom of circle 4 by the bean field, so Anna ran down to check, since she was done with school, and of course it was her cow Shenanigan. Toni came down and her and Anna got Shenanigan in the trailer and Toni ran her into see Dr.  Wisse, she called Sheena too at Sagehill, but she as out of the office. Shenanigan had eaten a piece of wire, Dr Wisse gave her antibiotics and lots of pain meds. She died Saturday afternoon. Kaine and I brought lunch home from Mei Lings for everyone, it was great. All 4 kids stayed with me while Toni went home and did some work. Jax and Kade had school, I did some office work while they were in school. Then we went out to check circle 5 and saw the bull calves were out, so we got them in and hauled the bull calves that were out home and weaned them. There was one bad eye. Then it was chore time. 

Saturday Toni, Kade and Jaxsen came down and us 6 got the bull calves in and we weaned them. Pocket has allergies and was swollen due to the smoke still, even though she is better, so Kaine rode my horse. Then Anna started to not feel good, so I rode her horse. After lunch we tied up the show steers and heifers. Stacy came and got Adrian’s Angus steer for Spokane, hopefully there is a Spokane. We also got Sagebug’s pen in and weaned Java, Shiny Bug, and Walt.  Our cousin Jodi and her family came over in the morning and got Sam the gelding and took him back to the other side of the state. Jodi’s son Hudson needed a nice, gentle gelding, so Sam is a perfect fit for them. Karen and John also came out to look at Aught as they were in the area. After we got all the work done and went to do chores. After chores we went to Kicker and Toni’s house for cake and enchiladas for Dad and Kade’s birthdays. We watched the Gohr sale while we were there and were the beginning bid on some heifers, but we didn’t get one bought. We also had some mares picked out at the Legacy sale, but that sale went high too. All for the best!  The third cutting of our hay was swathed on Saturday. 

Sunday we tied up the steers and heifers again. I went over to Connell and took pics of Kasen and Reese. Ben, Anna and Kaine ran into Othello to get a few groceries and brought Checos home. Sunday was the only day Ben was home due to harvest. There were a few eyes to Dr in the weaned calf pen. We got some pics of the weaned calves. Then we put halters on Howa and Firepower.  Time to start halter breaking again! Luckily we only have two this week.

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