The End of Daylight Savings is my LEAST favorite day of the year.

Monday was a hard day for us all. We laid grandpa to rest at the Connell Cemetery on Monday. Grandma wanted all of the great grandkids to say something about grandpa, just a sentence of a memory or something that makes them think about him. They all did really good. Grandma kept them all to read later. It was also grandma’s birthday on Monday, so we went out to grandma’s house after and had cake and some deli platters with her. Monday was windy, but the wind died down for the funeral, and they started back up again after. Anna, Toni and I worked on Summer Sky, Chica and Double Scotch afterwards. Kaine and Kade did the front chores, and since Jaxsen had been so great over the weekend helping out, Toni gave him the day off from doing chores.

Monday night the wind really whipped, so we woke up Tuesday to the roof being blown off one of the old sheds at my house and it laying in the driveway. Luckily it did not damage anything. Our neighbors were not as lucky and a tree blew on their new car. But, since Roxanne is a glass half full type of a gal, she said if it had been the other way it would have been on their house. Basketball practice was canceled on Tuesday, so guess what, that means more help for chores. I feel like they play sports to get out of chores. Coco was down for chores on Tuesday, so Toni, Anna, Coco and I worked on the foals. Jaxsen fed Double and Kaine and Kade did front chores. Double Scotch got his head stuck in a panel at some point during the day Tuesday, he had some marks on his head and his lip was bleeding. We gave him some banamine and he really needed some love and attention.

Lily left on Wednesday, her new owner brought her father out for a tour before they left. While Toni was showing them around again she noticed the shed was blown over in the yearling colt pen. I am pretty sure we would have noticed that Tuesday night if the wind had done it then… But I guess it was getting dark by the time we did chores and it is over behind the cottonwood trees… Anyway, it was still cold on Wednesday. The gate was left open on Wednesday from getting Lily in, so a lot of the mares got in with the weanlings, and one weanling escaped, Cutter. Toni went down and got the mares out of the weanling pen, but wasn’t able to get the escapee back without running stuff around, so didn’t.

Happy Halloween. Toni took the 4 kids Trick or Treating. I brought pizza home from town for us to have for dinner. I worked on Chica and Summer Sky. Dad fed Double and helped me get through the gate to do chores. The kids got TONS of candy, and Toni caught up with all the neighbors and friends that they go visit. Toni also got some treats- apples, pickled asparagus, candy, apple butter, dried fruit, a bag of walnuts, more candy. It is not really a mystery why she volunteers to take the kids around.

Early Friday Dad drove up to Moses Lake to help our friends set up for the Western Showcase cattle show on Saturday. I guess they didn’t have very many volunteers, so it was a good thing he went. Friday we brought the four foals out of the corral and led them around the yard. They all did really good. Kaine and Kade worked on Double Scotch, Anna on Posie, Toni on Chica and I worked on Summer Sky. They all did great and we got pics of us. Kicker, Ben, and Dad went and got big straw bales Friday late afternoon, so that we are in ready mode when the bad weather hits.

Saturday was grandpa’s Celebration of Life. We left at 7:30 am to head in and set up. A bunch of the cousins got in there early, so getting everything ready went very smoothly. It was supposed to start at noon, but people started getting there at 10, so it was a good thing we were ready! It was great and well attended. There were approximately 500 people there, but we had plenty of food, great memories to discuss, and it was an awesome tribute to an amazing grandpa and person.


But we still had ranch work too, Kaine went with Ben to get straw so he did not help set up. They got the straw unloaded and in the barn. So now we have both big bales and little bales ready to go. After the Celebration of Life, Ben and Kicker headed home and did all of the chores, while, the kids, Toni and I stayed to clean up. We got home about 7 pm. Luckily there was some food leftover, so we didn’t have to contemplate what to make for dinner.

Sunday John came first thing to get Summer Sky, Chica, Double Scotch and his mini filly, Shine. We loaded them, which was easy thanks to Ben coming and pushing them in, and then got the whole herd in to wean foals and haul mares out. Toni, Anna, Coco and I got a lot done. Jill, Ainslee and Ellie showed up to get their two mini foals, Willy and Wonka, and played with some of the big foals for a minute while we finished up with the group we were on. They also took Bev the paint home to try to see if she and Ainslee get along. Since Kaine has taken Cad over we have not ridden Bev much this year. We got all of the mares wormed at the house. Ben and Kaine were down fixing the desert fence so we could get mares turned out, luckily it was just one shorter piece left to fix. Then Ben and I brought down grass hay. Toni and Ben put it out while I took the gooseneck back to get it out of the way. Anna and Coco finished up chores. Toni and I haltered Cutter, Cue and Double Down. Then, Anna, Kaine and I went out into the corn field and took pics of some show steers to send people. All in all, we got a lot done for a short Sunday with daylight savings (which we do not like). We were able to turn out 17 dry mares and get them out of the house pasture. With daylight savings, Toni and the kids are on their own for weekday chores as I won’t get home until 5:30 or o’dark thirty as Toni calls it.


We are hopeful that with the Celebration of Life over, we can start trying to figure out our new normal without Grandpa. We are just very thankful that we got to have him as part of our lives for as long as we did and that we have a treasure trove of memories stored up for the hard days. Again, thank you to everyone that came in body or in spirit, we know he was loved by many and will be missed.

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