Conflict follows wrongdoing as surely as flies follow the herd. – Doc Holiday

The days are growing shorter, but I don’t feel like there is less work to do, just less light to do it in. Toni had a busy day Monday with court and law issues. She actually has a busy week, but I guess that is not different from normal. Monday was Kade’s birthday, we celebrated Sunday because Kaine and Kade had football Monday night and did not get home until late. And none of us wanted to wait that long to eat dinner. Dad was home from work early so he took the boys to practice. Ben was home late from work again, so Kicker did all of the cattle and circle chores.

Tuesday was a nice sunny day with a lot of morning dew. Cousin Jill came out to see her miniature horse foal and Bev, to see if she wanted to take Bev home for a while to use. Toni and Jill toured around and looked at horses in the afternoon. All were well and were they were supposed to be. Stina, one of the yearling minis, decided that she wasn’t getting petted enough and nipped Toni in the arm. Just so everyone knows, Toni is not a fan of miniature horses. The boys had a great football practice. Dad did not go to work Tuesday, he took mom into the dr, so he was the football taxi, that it what he calls himself. Mom’s arm is now out of the sling and she has a different cast on. Anna helped us do chores. Kicker and Ben were both home late, but, Kicker was home a little earlier, so he did the cattle chores. Fall is a busy season, with weaning, harvesting, football, cattle shows. Tuesday was also Papa Barry, Kicker’s dad’s bday. The Meacham family has Merritt and Kade on the 23, Barry the 24, and Barry’s grandpa was the 22. Lots of September bdays.

Wednesday Toni had a big mediation, she did not know when she would be back. I was in charge of taking Kaine and Kade to their game in Royal City. Toni’s mediation got over in time, she met us at Royal City. The kids did chores, they were done when I got there to get them. I took Anna home and she started the cattle chores. The game was great, however, Kaine injured his hand/wrist area in the last few minutes of the game, so he was out. Toni has a competition going between the boys, whoever has the most sacks gets a milkshake. Kaine was at 10 when he was came out, Kade got 11. The first week of October is the boys last week of football.

Thursday was a big day, Dr. King came out to fix hernias, ultrasound, float teeth, coggins tests and more. Tall John came out to assist. Toni texted him, said will you come help me on Thursday, he said yes. About an hour later, he asked her what they were doing. It is always good to have a friend that will just come help, even when they don’t know what is going on. For all he knew, they could have been burying someone! They were a very proficient team and were done by 4. Cousin Leslie, Mar, and little KK came out at 9 with Mar’s horse to get his teeth done. Another acquaintance from Warden came out to get inoculations on her gelding. Added to that we had 15 horses that Dr. King worked on and she looked at 2 heifers of ours. Super busy day! Then Tall John and Toni went around and took pictures and did chores. I went to a coworker’s retirement party after work. So I was literally no help. The kids got home in time to see Dr. King and Tall John. The three older kids had wanted to stay home from school to help, but they have missed enough school already.

Friday Kaine and Anna had Dr appts in the morning. Then we went and got our flu shots and I took them to school. After school Anna, Kaine, Kade and I tied up the heifers we are working on and the steers. Next we went and did chores. Kaine and Kade stayed at the house to help Kicker do chores. Toni played catch-up in her office until chore time as she was only in the office 2 days that whole week.

Saturday Kaine and Kade had a football game in Connell vs Ephrata. We won, woohoo, it was a great game. But it was cold, rainy, and windy, a forecast for the entire weekend. Mom, dad, Skip, Leslie and Whitney all came and watched. Kaine had a sack that forced a turnover and he recovered the ball, so he was the milkshake winner. Whitney, Leslie, Kaine and I went down town Connell and got coco and coffees after. I was unsure if Toni gave him an automatic win, or two points or something. But, Saturday was a rainy miserable day. The pictures below are from a different game, I have not downloaded those pictures yet.

After that, Anna, Kaine and I tied up the heifers and steers. Then we moved the Herefords into circle 5. After that we got the three weaned calves that had escaped back in and weaned them again. Toni and Kade ran down to mom and dad’s and got a black outside mare in, that due to the weather, was not as easy to catch as she normally was. After running the entire herd in and sorting her off, the mare went home to Idaho. We just have a handful of outside mares left. Then we had a little break and then went down to do chores. It was still rainy and cold. We had another birthday party for Kade and dad on Saturday night with Skip with enchiladas.


Sunday Kade came down and we tied up the steers and heifers. Then the three kids and I went and put mineral out and picked what steers calves they wanted to show next year. Kaine got a cute clubby steer at Brandan Annalee sale in Montana. Kaine and Kade stayed at the house to help Kicker with chores. Anna and I went down and Toni, Anna and I put halters on three of the foals that we weaned, Top Gun, Trump and Gen. They all did really good. It was rainy and cold still, or again, however you want to put it. So we did not do a lot of extra outside work. At one point it was raining so hard we had to go into the house and take a break. But if the rain is followed by sun and some warmer weather, we get fall grass. There isn’t much better than fall grass to extend the grazing season.

The last full week of September is over, with fall weather upon us in full force. We are in weaning mode, which means sold foals get weaned first followed by for sale foals, followed by keepers. We still have approximately 10 really nice foals left to sell, so if you want to come look, please let us know.

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