Be happy  –  it drives people crazy.

Monday and the start of a new work week. Toni had court in Tri Cities all day, she had a pretty busy schedule last week. I forgot to drop Kaine’s football gear off at mom and dads, luckily Kicker was in Pasco and picked it up for me. Thanks Kicker. The boys had football practice, their good friends Max and Luke came home with them on the bus, and Max and Luke’s mom, Jade, took the boys to football practice. Jade let Jaxsen go too. The fence was broke around Sagebug’s pen when Kicker got home, but they were all in and looked fine, no scratches or cuts. So Toni, Kicker and Coco fixed fence. I got home and Anna and I did chores, when Toni and Coco were on their way down she only saw Anna out doing chores, so she walked down and helped us load hay. Boys had a great time at football practice and riding home with Jade.

We had rain on Tuesday, which was nice. The boys did not have football practice, but not because of the rain, because their coaches had other commitments that day (Viva Las Vegas). So we had lots of help at chores. Anna, Toni and I worked on the foals we are halter breaking. The boys helped feed. Toni was supposed to have a meeting on Tuesday, but it was canceled due to the rain.


Rain showers off and on and Wednesday, it was a cool day. Jade took the boys to and from practice. Toni had court again on Wednesday, then spent most of the day in Othello meeting on another big case that had a hearing coming up. Anna, Toni and I worked on the foals, they were doing really great, I led Tank and Posey together. Dad worked most of the day Wednesday, so we did not see him after chores. Ben was also home late on Wednesday, so Kicker did all of the cattle and circle chores on his own.


It was bright and sunny on Thursday. Toni headed north to her meeting that was postponed due to the rain. Anna and Jaxsen helped do chores, we did the short version and did not work on the foals, but, Toni got home earlier then we had expected and caught us. The boys had a great football practice and were excited for their game on Saturday.

We had more sprinkles on Friday. There was not any football practice Friday, so Anna and Kade both helped with the foals, so we took them on a long walk around the field. All of the foals are doing great, but, Twiggy gets jealous of all of the attention the foals are getting and is a pain. She will walk right between the leader and Stick because he is getting too much of her attention.

Saturday Kaine and Kade had a football game in Royal, so Kicker, Toni, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I all piled in and headed to Royal. The game was really good, the weather was awesome, the game ended in a score of 0 to 0. We all went and had lunch at a great little pizza and BBQ place in Royal. Then we headed home and the Mechams got ready and went to a wedding.

Kaine, Anna and I caught the show steers and the two heifers we are halter breaking and worked on them. Then we went to Ochoas and got kittens, 4, three calicos and an orange one. Next, we went to Debbie and Cecil’s house and got the miniatures and brought them home. I think Debbie and the miniatures are both sad. Then, Anna, Kaine and I did chores. Kicker got home in time to help Ben do chores.

We had a busy day Sunday, Ben, Anna, Kaine and I got up and weaned the bull calves. Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen got up and cleaned house and made lasagna for us to come over for Kade and dad’s birthday. Dad had to be at work by 2 so we had a lunch celebration.

After lunch Anna, Kaine, Kade and I tied up the steers and heifers. Then, Toni, Kaine, Kade and I got some of the horses in so we could wean foals. Anna was helping Ben at the house. Next, we went and got the trailer and hauled Tessa, Top Gun, Mud and Gangsta to the house. We weaned Top Gun, Gangsta, Trump, Gen and Jac Jac. Jac Jac wasn’t on the schedule to wean, but he is older and he voluntarily walked into the weaning pen, so we left him in there. Gangsta and Top Gun came out of a field away from the house and are having the hardest time with the weaning process. Trump is doing the best, but is the oldest. It is pretty exciting to get weaning underway!


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