Wow the week just really flew by. They say the older you get the faster time goes, and it really is.

On Monday, our good friends John and Raven came out to see John’s 2 foals. We started actually working on Ragner and Sheriff on Monday as well. It is super nice to have just 2 foals in to work on, that is our ideal number so we each have one. Less wear and tear on these bodies that aren’t as young as they used to be.

Busy Tuesday, you know how we keep saying, we are trying to cut back, we are trying to cut back, well , we are up to 5 new mares this year, and two came last week. Monday, Barb came in the morning, she is a bay mare by Chics Magic Potion and out of Lizzys Fancy Rose, a Bueno Check daughter. Chics Magic Potion has won NRHA $34,570, NRCHA $246,705, AQHA $12,137, NSHA $, 2003 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Champion, 2003 NRHA Futurity Open-10th, 2004 AQHA World Jr Reining Res. Champion, 2005 AQHA World Jr Working Cowhorse Rs. Champion, 2007 AQHA World Sr WCH Finalist, 2007 AQHA Hi Point Working Cowhorse Champion, 2007 AQHA Hi Point Sr Working Cowhorse Champion, NRCHA Stakes Champion, NRCHA Hackamore Classic Champion, Magnificent 7 Competition Champion, Worlds Greatest Horseman Res. Champion. Lizzys Fancy Rose had NRHA earnings and AQHA points herself. Then Tuesday we got Annie, she is a daughter of the old bay mare we had for a while, Docs Peppy Anna, so she is a half-sister to Friday and Nugget. Annie is by Sonita Oakolena, he has won NCHA $7,362 C0A . Annie herself has been a cutter, roper, barrel horse, etc. Annie is a big bay mare, a bit bigger than we expected, but that works. Toni also showed horses Monday and Tuesday and got a few more foals spoken for.

Also on Tuesday Sonny had a soccer game. He assures me that he played well. Wednesday Kade had a Football game in Mattawa. Also Wednesday Toni and mom took the 3 palomino colts into the vet to get vet checked, brand inspected and coggins for their trip to Utah. Thursday another soccer match, and then Friday is a rest day for sports. The big boys also had football practice too. Luck for us Anna didn’t want to play fall sports, so she can help with chores and getting those calves fed.

Saturday Kade had a game in Royal, and they won, yeah. Kaine had a game in Connell, against the other Royal team, and they lost. We also got two clubby steers for shows next fall. Then we weaned Magnum and hauled Big Mama home too. We also have started to slowly pull the studs home, so we moved Bishop home so that we could wean calves on Sunday without a stallion in the middle of it all. Bishop is easy to handle as long as you don’t want to touch him. He will let Toni pet him out in the field sometimes, but he can be a pain to catch. Once caught, he is pretty good. So Double and Bishop are now in the corral at Mom and Dad’s. One of our other new mares, Cool, is down with Double due to her age and needs.

Sunday we weaned calves, haltered the cubbies, worked on the heifers going to the Evergreen jackpot. Sunday was also Kade’s birthday, and believe it or not, these are all some of his favorite things to do, so he was happy to do them on his birthday. He got to ride his trusty stead, Slick, to get the cows in and he got to work on his Smokey steer. And he has always wanted a smokey, so he is a happy boy. We also had buyers out to look at the colts, and they decided to take Smokey. That is a pretty bitter sweet sale for us. Smokey is our bottle baby, but he is a colt and we can’t keep them all (seriously). We had a busy weekend, but I feel like we got quite a bit accomplished.

Monday, Jaxsen had a soccer game and Kaine had football practice, to get ready for their game today. Luckily for me Kaine has some great moms on his team to help me get him to practice and back. This weekend we have football, shipping colts, weaning foals, normal stuff.  Yesterday we preg checked some heifers, semen tested bulls, and did general ranch work. And then Kaine had a game last night against Ephrata, and they won, yeah, and Kade had practice. Luckily the weather is holding out, it is a stunning day and it will be nice to be outside.

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