Burn the midnight oil

Toni and the kids have been busy at work, working on heifers, steers and bulls. Jaxsen was included in the kids that went with Toni, but I don’t know that he did anything. LOL. In addition to hauling the kids around, Toni is also a lawyer, and has been REALLY busy with her law practice, which has been making her burn the midnight oil. Monday Reptile Man was at the Connell library so after the kids got done working on their cattle over with Leslie, they all met in Connell to see some reptiles. Tuesday they loaded 11 head in the trailer and hauled them to Connell, so they would have gone somewhere before we go to our show this weekend. All of the cattle did really well.

Wednesday was the day of rest for the kids. Kaine always asks if we will let him sleep in until noon. We always say yes. He has yet to sleep in past 9. Thursday the kids went back to Connell to keep working on the cattle over there.

Friday Toni hauled some nice ladies out and around to look at the horses, one of them bought Ragnar. She is also into Vikings like I am, so she liked the name. Kade and I started clipping for the upcoming shows. We clipped the 4 big Angus heifers, Kade clipped the heads, and I clipped the bodies. Anna and Kaine got to go swimming with some friends in the afternoon after the kids were done washing the show cattle. Toni was supposed to come help but she failed to show up. Kade and I quit about 3 because we were too hot and covered in hair to keep going. I told Kade, you need to get in the shower or air up the little pool and get in it. So what did he do? He used the cattle blower to air up the pool. Our friend John showed up in the afternoon with Lynne’s papers and to chat a little on his way home.

Saturday we spent the day getting the show cattle ready for this coming weekend. We were VERY fortunate and the twins came out and helped. Since we got done by 2 due to the help from the twins, I took the three older kids to Othello so we could pick up some feed, pitch forks, etc. and we made a surprise stop at Burger King for shakes.

Sunday we had a couple of guys stop by that came here from Chile. They came to look at Reed, Hollywood, and Eagle. Then we had a long overdue photo shoot with Sagebug and Stunner. Both are Gunner foals and have really changed in the last few months. We are excited to send Sagebug out for training this fall. We pulled the camper into the yard and the kids started working on cleaning it and packing it for the next show. We also messed with Bebe a little bit because at some point she needs to be a horse not a pet. She does not agree.

And today is the start of another busy week. The boys have football camp every night, we have a show this coming weekend.

We are beginning to work on our weaning schedule, so if you have a foal under contract let us know what your preference is for a pick-up date.

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